Keyboard Tester

This is a unrelated to Linux post, but worthwhile, in my opinion. The notebook computer I reinstalled Windows on to get ready for the dual boot to Linux testing for this website was sitting around not being used since the keyboard was malfunctioning. The notebook specs are actually pretty good since it is a gaming … Read more

Intrusive Features in Operating Systems

In my first post, I mentioned that I had just done a clean install of Windows 10 on a computer to test dual installation Linux on that machine. I have a couple of comments on what I just found on that computer regarding Windows wanting to “enhance my experience” by adding features and enabling them … Read more

Welcome to NewToLinux

I started this site since I am New To Linux and determined to figure out how to transition to Linux as my main computer OS. This site will document my journey through posts and pages with links to sites I found valuable, some curated content, and some original content to fill in the gaps to clear up … Read more