A Linux Site For The Rest Of Us

Welcome to NewToLinux.com . . . a Linux site for the rest of us.

I had played around with Linux for about nine months (started in late February early March 2020) before I decided to start this site. While I am not a guru by any means, I do have the capacity to learn new things and enjoy doing so. This includes technology and a host of other things. Thankfully the Internet had made access to information much easier than when I was growing up.

I understand that Linux is perceived to be a bit more “techie” than Windows or Mac OS, but I do not think it has to be the case. The websites I come across seem to be written by tech-oriented folks for tech-oriented folks. It appears those websites are geared to an audience with a perceived basic level of knowledge.

While I appreciated the content on those websites, it took a bit of other “research” to understand the underlying information at the level I was seeking. This became a bit discouraging since I was not at the level appropriate for those websites . . . yet.

I have not found a website like this one written for people who are on their way to being the target audience for those other websites but are not quite there. So here it is.

Again, welcome to NewToLinux.