Fractured Wrist

I will start posting again when I can. Update: March 10, 2021 . . . It turns out it was shattered. Not good. Here is the x-ray with all the hardware. I had surgery #1 for the repair and hardware installation and am finally able to type a little bit so that is good. Surgery … Read more

Keyboard Tester

This is a unrelated to Linux post, but worthwhile, in my opinion. The notebook computer I reinstalled Windows on to get ready for the dual boot to Linux testing for this website was sitting around not being used since the keyboard was malfunctioning. The notebook specs are actually pretty good since it is a gaming … Read more

Using Ventoy

In my last post, I showed you how to create a bootable USB drive using Ventoy. In this post, we will actually use it by Downloading ISO files Verifying the ISO files Copy ISO files to the Ventoy drive Change the boot order so your compute will boot from USB Try Linux If you check … Read more

Bootable USB Flash Drive

The easiest way to try and/or install Linux on your computer is using a bootable USB drive. My favorite way I have found works with minimal stress. All the hard work is done with some software you download to your existing computer. All you need is a USB flash drive and some patience. Most Linux … Read more

Verify Downloads

Hash Checksum Values As you have been learning more about Linux, you may have seen sites refer to a way to verify the file you have downloaded is the file you thought you were downloading. I think most users on the Internet tend to download something and install it before making sure it is what … Read more

Try Linux Before Installation

You may have heard the statement “Try before you buy!” in commercials or other marketing to get you to try a product or service before you actually commit your hard-earned dollars. In the computer operating system realm, the same thing can happen, but not with Windows or Mac OS. You can, however, try Linux on … Read more


grammarly logo

This is my first post under the “personal” category. I guess it falls under the “software” category as well since it is about Grammarly. For those of you that don’t know, Grammarly is an online service that helps you become a better writer. Apparently, I needed it. I created an account for the free version … Read more

Application Software

Can you do what you want/need to do on your computer with Linux? Good question. The operating software allows the computer to work. Application software allows you to get stuff done. Back in the day, when I was in college, the computer lab had “genuine” IBM PC workstations with dual floppy drives. I would check … Read more

Intrusive Features in Operating Systems

In my first post, I mentioned that I had just done a clean install of Windows 10 on a computer to test dual installation Linux on that machine. I have a couple of comments on what I just found on that computer regarding Windows wanting to “enhance my experience” by adding features and enabling them … Read more