Welcome to New To Linux! The Linux site for the rest of us.

There are plenty of sites on the web relating to Linux for the techie, but this is not one of them. The technical level of this site will be as basic as possible. Some things can make Linux a little intimidating, and I hope that those things can be managed appropriately with a little bit of hand-holding. That is not a bad thing, BTW. This site is intended to help those that are on the fence gain the confidence to climb over. We are glad you are here.

At some point we are all new to almost everything we try. With technology, specifically with a computer operating system (OS), we are/were new to Unix, DOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or some other operating system at some point. This site’s focus is Linux from the “new to” perspective.

The audience for the site is the person who is trying to

  • Bail on The OS Overlords (Microsoft and Apple)
  • Learn about Linux in your quest for life long learning
  • Deciding on your first computer OS not associated with work or school (typically Windows, Mac OS, or Chrome)
  • Something else relating to wanting to know more about Linux