So What Exactly is Linux?

Last Updated on December 9, 2020 by NewToLinux

In this post, I will offer a short answer with links for more reading if you are inclined to want to know more.

Looking through the lens of this website, Linux, as a word, refers to a family of operating systems using the Linux kernel at its core. The flavor of Linux one chooses is referred to as a distribution. The one thing in common among all distributions is the kernel. Each distribution offers additional system software and libraries, in addition to the kernel, to offer an experience and set of tools out of the box for their target audience.

Users can customize Linux to their liking and even create their own distribution if they want. While that is out of the scope of this site, it is possible. Who knows, after this site gains traction and develops a community, we might come up with our own distribution with the features we want activating during installation.

Sites to learn more: